White Fronted Amazon Parrot 

White Fronted Amazon Parrot 


Ross is the prince charming you have been searching for. His good looks and sweet eyes will melt your heart and the hearts of your friends and family. He’ll be sure to shower you in parrot songs, so be ready for more affection than you could ever imagine. He’ll rescue you from your long days with lots of love, tail wags, and cuddles. Ross will warm your heart unlike any other. Parrot for sale online on our shop.

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White Fronted Amazon Parrot 

The white-fronted amazon, at about 25 cm (9.8 in) long, is the smallest of the amazon parrots. This species is named for the bright white patch of feathers on its forehead, although the amount of white varies from individual to individual. They have mostly green plumage with some blue coloring on their outspread wings. They have bright red coloring around their eyes (in some individuals almost like spectacles) and blue coloring behind the patch of white on their foreheads. Together with the red-spectacled amazon and the yellow-lored amazon, it is the only amazon species in which adult males and females easily can be distinguished by external appearance (sexual dimorphism): Males have bright red feathers on their “shoulders” (alula), while females have green “shoulders”. Juveniles have pale grey irises and less red on their face and the white area is replaced with a smaller yellowish area. Birds online shop. Parrots for sale online. Visit our website for a variety of parrots. White Fronted Amazon Parrot


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