Tucumán Amazon Parrot

Tucumán Amazon Parrot


Introducing Corry. This little cute baby girl can’t wait to meet you. Isn’t she a dream? You can tell that she knows she is a cutie. Corry is raised with kids therefore she is a very playful and happy girl. Don’t miss out on a chance to make this little angel all yours. She will come home to you up to date on her vaccinations and vet checked from head to tail! Corry has a very loving disposition and is looking for the perfect family to share that with. Buy Amazon Parrot Online

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Tucumán Amazon Parrot for sale

The Tucumán amazon is a mostly green short-tailed parrot, medium-sized at 31 cm (12 in) long. The green feathers of the upper-body have black margins. There is red plumage on the forehead and fore-crown, and the red does not extend around the white eye-rings. It has red primary wing feathers and no red at the bend of the wing. It has orange thighs and red at base of the green tail. They have a horn coloured beak, orange-yellow irises, and pinkish-grey legs. The male and female are identical in external appearance. Juveniles have less red on the head, green primary wing feathers, green thighs, and grey irises. Tucumán Amazon Parrot for sale.


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