Medium African Grey Parrot

Medium African Grey Parrot


Breed: African Grey Parrot
Age: 10 Months
Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Color: Gray body, and maroon colored tail
House Trained: Yes (Hand raised with Potty training)
Health: Recently Vaccinated
Parrot Talks and Sings.. Also very friendly.


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Medium African Grey Parrot

Medium African Grey Parrot for sale. Meet Hasi our 9 months old hand trained African grey parrot. He is fully feathered, very healthy, and full of energy. Flys around behind you in and around the house to say hello :). He’s a talking African Grey parrot, whistles, steps up, lets you stroke him, gives kisses, and is almost always happy. Super friendly African Grey loves attention as it’s very tame to go to both males and females, fine with kids and other pets, full setup, very reluctant sale, no fault of his own, so forever home wanted. Our African grey comes with Cites paperwork, vaccination record, and DNA certificate. Buy African grey parrot, originally from Congo and central Africa, is a highly intelligent bird to keep as a pet. This elegant medium-sized bird is entirely grey with a strikingly red, short blunt tail. The African grey has a charming personality and is known as one of the best talkers among all pet parrots. With this extraordinary ability to imitate, some African greys develop extensive vocabularies of words, songs, verses, whistles, sneezes, coughs, and electronic sounds such as telephones and microwave ovens. African Greys if improperly socialized, may often have loud vocalizations like a growl. Cheap African grey parrots for sale near me.

African Grey Parrot As A Pet

The African Grey Parrots are extremely talkative, intelligent, and sensitive birds. These birds are considered to be the best talkers of all the birds, easily learning hundreds of words and other sounds. These Parrots have been kept as pets since ancient times when the Romans wrote about them. To calm a screaming African Gray Parrot, fly them on your finger or take them for a walk around the house.

African Grey Parrot Price?

  • African Grey Parrots for sale are expensive compared to the other species of parrots because the very process of obtaining legal ownership over this rare species of parrots is costly. African Grey Parrots are not just any pet that can be left on their own; rather, as an owner, you need to spend a considerable amount of time with them since they seek attention, care, and love.
  • African Grey Parrots are considered to be the most intelligent, charming, and brilliant mimicking and talking birds among the entire parrot family. They are arguably the smartest species of birds and are able to learn to identify colors, shapes, and types of matter.
  • African Greys are highly sensitive as well as a bit demanding, unlike any other parrot species. Due to their sensitiveness, they require great care, as even the slightest changes in their daily routine or them getting bored in any way lead to their behavioral issues. Birds online shop. Parrots for sale online. Visit our website for a variety of parrots. Medium African Grey Parrot


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