Moustache Parakeet

Moustache Parakeet


Introducing Merlot! This classy, little head turner can’t wait to meet you. Isn’t she a dream? You can tell that she knows she is a cutie. She prances around the house like she is the queen of the castle. Merlot will be sure to come home with her vaccinations up to date and the vet’s stamp of approval. Don’t miss out on a chance to make this little angel all yours. parrots like this don’t come around often. Buy Parakeet online

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The moustached parakeet has an extensive range in southeast Asia. It is native to China and the islands of Indonesia, where several subspecies live. This bird has an unmistakably deafening warning calling when danger approaches. During the mating season, a pair will leave the flock and find a tree cavity to call home until their chicks mature. Feral populations are spreading to many other areas, including neighboring cities. Their shrinking natural habitat causes flocks to become urban dwellers. In the wild, this species tends to live in woodlands, hills, and mountains and gather in flocks of up to 60 birds. The group can become quite loud, so it’s hard to miss them.

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Moustached parakeets can make adorable pets when hand-fed as babies and properly socialized. However, they do tend to be more relaxed than the boisterous Indian ringneck parakeet Some owners of moustached parakeets report that their birds tend to act bossy or needy. They will demand an owner’s attention if they feel ignored. They are active, social creatures who love to spend time playing games and spend time with their owners. Buy Moustache Parakeet Online


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