Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot

Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot


Breed: Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot
Age: 5 to 10 Months (Young)
Sex: Male and Female available
Size: Medium
Color: Blue and Gold
House Trained: Yes (Hand raised with potty training)
Health: Recently Vaccinated

Price is for One Parrot.

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Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot

Blue and Gold Macaw for sale. Meet Zuzu our 9 months old hand trained Macaw parrot. This macaw is silly tame, well raised, and socialized as she likes playing and loves to eat grapes! Generally a quiet bird she only screams when you ignore her. Talking Blue and Gold macaws say a few words like “hello”, “come on”, “come here”, etc. All birds handled by us are treated equally and with the highest respect and care. You are not just buying a parrot, you are buying a friend for life as we ensure the health and happiness of the bird! Our Macaws come with Cites paperwork, vaccination record, hatch certificate, and DNA certificate.   Macaw for sale, the largest parrots and vividly colored birds from Mexico, Central, and South America. They have a long tail, strong body, and large powerful beak. Macaws are intelligent, playful, and inquisitive. They require plenty of affection and attention and sometimes bond only with one person. Macaws are able to speak but are not well known for this ability. Their vocalizations tend to be loud, harsh, penetrating squawks.  The Blue and Gold Macaw is mischievous, but likely the most appropriate macaw for a family. The Severe Macaw is almost half the size and more gentle.

Macaw As A Pet

Macaws are social creatures that form close pair bonds; therefore, they are ideally suited as pets provided their extensive needs are met. These powerful - yet delicate creatures - demand respect and require loving husbandry from their handlers. Depending on the size, these active birds require large cages and the ability to move around freely in a safe, bird-proof home environment. Some of the larger species aren't really suited for any cage at all and should be provided a large flight - indoor and/or outdoor, with a steady flow of new chew toys and other environmental enrichments to keep their smart minds occupied. If they are allowed to roam around the house, one has to keep in mind that they like to gnaw and chew, and can easily destroy valuable household items. Any space they are in or have access to, should be carefully bird proofed

Macaw Parrot Price?

The price of macaw parrots can vary quite a bit depending on the breed of the macaw. This is common for any pet you buy for a bird, though, you may not expect to see a wide price range.  What else is going to really impact the price of the macaw is the color and size. Often you can find the smaller birds for a lower price and if you are looking for color the blue and gold can be easier on the pocketbook. Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot


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