Baby African Grey Parrot

Baby African Grey Parrot


Breed: Congo African Grey Parrot
Age: Baby (Less than 2 Months)
Sex: Males and Females available
Size: Small ( Baby Parrot)
Color: Gray body, and maroon colored tail
House Trained: Yes (Hand raised with potty training)
Health: Good Health condition

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Baby African Grey Parrot for sale

Tame, young, talking Baby African Grey Congo Parrot for sale. 6 Months old male and female. Our African Grey Parrot babies/ african grey parrot for sale are people and flock socialized, and make some entertaining sounds and talking. Their diet consists of sprouts, veggies, fruits, seeds and pellets. For them to develop their full potential they have a huge aviary to learn how to fly and navigate well. This is very important for brain development, muscle tone, heart health, lungs, etc. They should always have access to lots of swings and toys. They will come with free toys and a manual on how to take care of a parrot / raise a baby parrot.


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